Information for suppliers

Founded over 40 years ago, Neville UK is a successful, independent plc.

Today we continue to evolve - due to our unique awareness of the demands of the market, coupled with our successful partnership with manufacturers from around the world that helps us maintain our balance of product quality and value.

We are continually looking to expand our product range and knowledge and are always pleased to hear from both current & potential new suppliers who feel they have a product that would fit into the Neville UK product portfolio.

To find out more about the benefits of Supplying your products through Neville UK please  download a copy of our comprehensive supplier information leaflet.


Product labelling and packing guidelines

Download our packing guidelines for details of product labelling, logos, barcodes etc.


Supplier quotation submissions

Please submit all quotations using the following format as this will help us swiftly evaluate your offer.  Download supplier quotation spreadsheet.


Supplier Standards

We require our suppliers to meet or exceed Nevilles Standards for Suppliers regarding their activities in relation to the workers producing merchandise for sale by Nevilles and the impact of their manufacturing practices on the environment. Additionally, suppliers must comply with Nevilles Gift and Gratuity and Conflicts of Interest Policies and conduct their business in an ethical manner and consistent with accepted accounting principles.

download our supplier information leaflet