Samples are a key part of Nevilles business

Nevilles are very happy to supply samples of product to help our customers to win business for GenWare products. Feedback has always been very positive and is a key reason why customers choose Nevilles.

What we do......

  • We have two dedicated operations team members who spend 100% of their time picking sample requests.
  • Items are picked individually from product cartons, preserving as much original packaging as possible for protection. Glassware is kept free of dirt and dust by being placed in protective individual plastic bags.
  • The items are then put into our pack process for carrier despatch, where they are packed with protective materials to reduce breakage. The carton is then despatched individually, with a sample despatch note, and boxes clearly marked with Free of Charge Samples. 
  • We will also send GenWare literature in the box to raise awareness of GenWare products.
  • In 2019 we picked, packed and dispatched over 20,000 sample orders with over 100,000 products, to enable our customers to grow their business.

We provide free of charge samples

  • Samples are sent out carriage free 
  • We take on the cost of carriage on sample requests, as a part of our commitment to helping you develop business.

Selected lines are not available as samples

We believe that in order to sell, samples of all GenWare products are not needed, or the product is not cost effective to provide as samples. We review these quarterly.

On our website we show with the following icon if no samples are available for these lines:


If you try and order these samples on our website, then the product will not appear.
If you wish to see these lines, then please place these on a normal order. These lines will be chargeable.

Normal samples are on a +1-day service

This allows us to maintain capacity for orders and back orders, which will receive priority over samples. If Nevilles are over-capacity, then samples will be the first orders that are deferred to the following day.

Volume sample requests are on a 5-day service

We get sample requests from customers to show GenWare products in showrooms and events. We are happy to help with these, however, to enable priority for orders sample requests of over 30 lines will be subject to a 5-day service. Please allow enough time to enable us to process these sample orders.

We monitor sample request volumes

We expect you to use samples to develop business. We will monitor volumes of samples that you are asking from us, to see how effective this is. As a rule, we expect a maximum 1% of your Annual Sales value to be ordered as samples. If you are ordering significantly more than this, then we may need to change the way that we manage your requests. If you would like a report of your sample requests, then please speak to us and we will be happy to provide this.

We reserve the right to edit sample requests without consultation

Where we see high volume sample requests, repetition of similar lines and duplication, to save cost we may reduce the list of lines on the sample request.

We may suspend sample requests during high order volume periods

If we are seeing a continued period of high-volume orders, in order to maintain our service proposition, we may suspend taking new sample orders. We will resume when we are able to clear both main orders and any existing sample orders.

mple Policy