On Trend: Comfort Food

Comfort food has made a comeback. The stresses and strains of 2020 has left consumers hungry for their favourite nostalgic dishes. Think of Victoria sponges, cottage pies or bangers and mash; foods which are familiar and satisfying results every time.


Facts and Figures

-One study of 2,000 adults, found that two in three adults are reverting to childhood food favourites and eating more comfort food this year.

-90% say their online and social searches for food inspiration have increased during the pandemic.

-Cookery and culinary exploration have been a large social trend with many consumers searching for and enjoying new recipes during lockdown.

- Many chefs who reverted to take away while their restaurants were closed to diners found traditional dishes such as fish pies or lasagna sold best. 

-One survery listed the top pick-me-ups with the favourite being pizza, the British classic of fish and chips came second followed by a bacon sandwich,with honourable mentions to a full English and burger and chips.

-The trend is set to grow into 2021 with chefs and restaurants finding their own signature dishes and variations on the classics.



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