On Trend: Vegan

The Vegan revolution is gaining traction in the UK market as customers are increasingly aware of the impact their food choices have on the environment, animals and their health. As the trend becomes more mainstream the expectations of consumers grows for quality dining options. Supermarkets and restaurants have started to grow their vegan and plant based ranges for an increasingly discerning market.


Facts and Figures

-People who describe themselves as vegan has reportedly risen 350 percent in the UK in the last decade.

-Social influencer are driving this revolution and the hashtag #vegan has more than 87 million posts listed on Instagram.

-The UK's purchase and consumption rates of vegan: milk, meat, butter/margarine, cheese, ready meals/food to go and seafood are the highest in Europe. 

-Twice as many women identify themselves as vegan and Milennials are leading the charge for this health and environmental lifestyle choice.

-A purist vegan lifestyle isn't for everyone but 70% of consumers are trying to reduce their meat consumption or cut meat out altogether, bringing this trend into the mainstream. 

- 2020 became the year that every one of the top UK restaurants/food-to-go outlets had a vegan (or plant-based) offering



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