Wellbeing of Our Team

As we continue to grow our business and invest for the future, it’s more important than ever to keep strengthening our team at every level. To attract and retain talent, we have to demonstrate each day that Nevilles is a good employer, committed to making all our people feel valued and providing them with career opportunities and quality training.

Recruitment and Retention

We employ around 100 people in the UK, with an additional team of 5 employees based overseas in our Hong Kong Office. We have a very low employee turnover rate verses the UK average, something we are very proud of.

Training and Development

As an SME, we look to recruit people with relevant experience to fulfil the many roles at Nevilles. We recognise the need to train people thoroughly to do their jobs, and we work with our teams through reviews and personal plans to grow and develop in their roles.

Everyone joining Nevilles completes a full induction programme. We also look to provide on-going training opportunities to assist their development alongside their colleagues. Specialist training is also provided where this is needed in the role.

Employee Health, Safety and Wellbeing

Work related injuries: As employers we take the health and safety of our employees very seriously. We use return to work interviews to help to make sure our teams are fit and able to perform their roles. All employees undergo the necessary health & safety training to minimise the risk of injury in the workplace. Our current excellent record shows our commitment to making Nevilles a safe place to work.